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The Kindle Disappointment

I have been really excited about having a Kindle in the first month after I received it. But then the situation changed. Suddenly the Kindle did not turn on anymore and I called up Amazon to see what they can … Continue reading

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E-Readers vs. Paper Books! – Don’t let independent bookstores die!

Since I started researching about e-readers and in the end buying an e-reader I came across the question, if real books will die out and the way we read will completely change. For me, as a book lover, this possibility … Continue reading

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Kindle – My First Impressions

Since Friday evening, I am a proud owner of a Kindle 3! Waiting for the delivery was quite exciting because the delivery slot was between 6.30 and 9.30 that night. Of course, I had to wait until 9.20 until the … Continue reading

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My Weekly Reading Dose (#4)

Last week has been incredibly exciting because after weeks of research and reading about experiences, I finally decided to buy a Kindle. I bought it late on Thursday night and ordered it with super speedy delivery so it finally arrived … Continue reading

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Kindle: Final Decision

I finally made a decision! After figuring out that I saved some money last month, I decided to treat myself and buy something nice. I know that I have always said that I never wanted to use an e-reader. All … Continue reading

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Lately, I am thinking a lot about e-readers! I was always against them because I thought that they might cause the disappearance of real paper books. After reading more about this topic and trying it out by myself with my … Continue reading

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