For Authors

Want me to review one of your books?
If you would like me to review your book on my blog, or if you would like me to host a book giveaway or do an interview or a home story with you, please read my review guidelines and email me at

Which books do I normally review?
I review most fiction, including literary fiction, mainstream, women’s fiction, suspense/thriller and horror. Generally, I will decide on a case-by-case basis if I am going to review a certain book or not.

Which books do I not review?
Non-Fiction, Self-Help Books and Science Fiction.

Honesty in Reviewing:
I cannot promise a positive review, but my reviews are always honest.  I reveal the source of review books.  Review books received from authors, publicists, or publishers are provided to me free of charge in exchange for my review.  This free product in no way influences my review.

Do I receive compensation for reviewing books?
I do not receive compensation for reviewing books.

Which book formats do I accept?
I do accept e-books in PDF, epub and Kindle (awz) format.

Where else do I post my reviews?
I post my reviews on Goodreads and Facebook.

What do I do with books once I have finished reading them?
I do not sell the books that are given to me for review, but occasionally will host a giveaway with them.

Details about Interviews / Home Stories:
When I am doing an interview or a home story with an author I am going to send the post content to you for your final approval before posting it on my blog.


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