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MeHi World! My name is Jana and I’m a 28 years old books addicted person! Ever since I learned how to read I am reading books of all kinds of genres. From Love-Stories over historical novels to crime stories. Now I want to share my readings with all of you and review the books I am going to read. I am happy to receive comments on my reviews and get to know your opinions about the books I am reviewing.

Since I am German but live abroad, I am going to review english and german books or books that were translated from another language into either english or german. Please excuse all my grammar or spelling mistakes. I am not a native english speaker! If I read books that are not available in English at all, I am going to write my review in German.

If you want to contact me, please send me an email to mysecretbookshelf@gmail.com for any questions or suggestions you might have. You can as well forward me your own reviews to the books I am reviewing and I put them online for you.


One Response to About Me/Contact

  1. Samapika Sanyal says:

    Hey Hi Jana,

    I am Samapika, from India. I am 24 yrs and a book lover as you. I have grown up reading Tinker, Enid and Sherlock. 🙂
    I was just going through your blog, and found it quite interesting,. I sent you a request in Good Reads also.

    I hope that we can share our views, response, and enthusiasm about books.


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