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Review: Il grande scomunicato (Luca Di Fulvio)

I am going to write this review in English even though the book I am talking about is not available in English. Yet. I honestly hope, that this will change soon! It would be such a shame if the rest … Continue reading

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Rezension: Sommerfest (Frank Goosen)

I am sorry in advance for posting in German once again. Recently, I am reading a lot of German books and since they are not available in English, it would not make sense to write about them in English. I … Continue reading

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Rezension: In High Heels um die Welt (Katja Hentschel)

Goodreads Zusammenfassung: In High Heels um die Welt das haben sich die Travelettes und ihre Freundinnen auf die Fahnen geschrieben, die sich nichts Schöneres vorstellen können, als um die Welt zu reisen. Für das Buch haben 20 junge Frauen ihre … Continue reading

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