Review: Now You See Her (Joy Fielding)

Now you see her (Joy Fielding)Goodreads Summary: Fifty-year-old Marcy Taggart’s life is in shambles. Two years ago, her twenty-one-year-old daughter, Devon, perished in a canoeing accident. Her body was never found in the icy waters of Georgian Bay, and as a result Marcy has never fully accepted her death. She continues to see the young woman’s face in crowds and has even stopped strangers on the street, certain she has finally discovered her long lost daughter.

Now in Ireland, on what was originally intended to be a celebration of her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary — if, that is, her husband had not left her for another woman — Marcy yet again thinks she sees her daughter, casually strolling past her on the sidewalk. So begins Marcy’s desperate search to find Devon, to find herself, and to find the disturbing truth that might, in the end, be her only salvation.

My Thoughts: As a big Joy Fielding fan, I was expecting a really great story as usual from her latest release Now You See Her and I can say now that I am not disappointed. As usual, the story is really compelling and she manages to build up suspense and an ending you would not expect.

Until the very end of the story, you will not find out if Marcy will really find her daughter Devon or if Devon really has killed herself two years ago. Knowing all her novels, Joy Fielding has a real talent for bringing in different characters into the story who could all be honest but could also be behind a big cruel plan. For the reader it is always hard to decide who are the good and who are the bad guys. Thus, you start searching for hints and do kind of your own investigation to figure out the truth.

Even though I think that there was more in this story and that Fielding could have elaborated more on different parts to make it even more compelling, the story is still well written and thought through. It makes the reader want to find out more and doesn‘t let you stop reading until you finish it and know the whole truth.

Sometimes, the main character seems to make some really weird and kind of unrealistic choices and I thought “this would never happen in real life” but then, on the other hand, I have never lost a child and thus, do not know how irrational someone can become after loosing a child and then thinking that it might still be alive. Many of us might act in the exact same way and only people who‘ve been through something similar will be able to understand.

What I really liked about this book is that it took place in a completely different setting this time. Usually, Joy Fielding‘s books are always set up in Canada or the US. This time, it was Ireland which made it stand out a bit from her other novels. The way she describes the scenery, allows me to perfectly picture rainy Ireland with its tiny streets, houses and big countryside with a lot of green above cliffs next to the sea.

Overall, I can say that the story got me hooked but I think there was more in there and it could have been even better than it already was. I have the impression that the true potential of the story has not been exploited. I still like to recommend the book to everyone who loves Joy Fielding novels as much as I do and to every crime and suspense fan.

My Rating:  ★★★☆

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  1. As you know, I liked this book as well – I was definitely hooked and wanted to keep reading to find out what was what! I linked up your review to mine!

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