My favourite places to read

I was just reading some of the book blogs I follow and was inspired by the Broke and the Bookish. They have posted today about their most favourite places to read. Thus, I would also like to share mine:

In the park: When there is sun out there and the temperatures are acceptable, I love to just go out and sit on a bench or on the grass in the park. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun and reading a good book. Living in London gives me the opportunity to do this quite often because of all the beautiful parks around. Especially since we started experiencing the first signs of spring I have been sitting in a park during my lunch break, after work or during the day on the weekend.

In the train/airplane: When I am travelling I always have a book with me no matter how short the journey is. Time passes a thousand times quicker when you are reading a great story! And on top of that it is a great way of using this time in which you can not do much more anyway.

In my bed on a rainy day: When the weather is horrible outside with lots of rain, wind and a grey sky, I make myself a cup of tea and get under my duvet in my bed. When I am reading a good book I am able to forget the grey world around me.

In a café: My most favourite café is the Foyles Café in London which belongs to the Foyles bookstore. There are so many other people around who are reading, the food and the drinks are really good, there is a constant smell of coffee around. The only downside: I seem not to be the only one who likes this place because there is no guarantee that you get a place when you go there.

At the beach: When I am on a beach holiday I sometimes lie around in the sand for hours completely absorbed by my book not thinking of the world surrounding me at all. And if I do take a break there is always the great view of the ocean in front of me…

What are your favourite places to read? Let me know and leave a comment!

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