The Kindle Disappointment

I have been really excited about having a Kindle in the first month after I received it. But then the situation changed. Suddenly the Kindle did not turn on anymore and I called up Amazon to see what they can do. After trying thousands of different things to reset it, they gave up and told me that they were going to send me a replacement. They were really quick with that and I was happy once again to have a brand new Kindle.

That was on the 15th of December. After that I did not really have time to read due to the snow chaos and the resulting travel problems of my parents and me. Anyway, during my 17 hours journey to Germany, I decided that I wanted to go on reading on my Kindle. Unfortunately, the new Kindle had the same problem as the old one and did not turn on anymore. Nothing helped. I recharged it and tried to reset it but it did not turn on anymore. Thank god I have a small little library at my parents house and which still has some books that I haven’t read so far. Thus, I had enough to read over the Christmas time.

After a while I decided that I do not want Amazon to replace the Kindle another time. I do not want to rely on this gadget when it does not work reliably. Thus, when I was back in the UK, I called them and arranged that I am getting a refund and yesterday I have send back both broken Kindles. This is now the end of my two months Kindle experience and I am honestly really disappointed because I was expecting more.

Since I am a huge Mac and Apple supporter, I decided to sell my Windows netbook as well and get an ipad instead. This way, I can still use my ebooks that I bought from Amazon and have a hopefully more reliable product. What do you think about that? Do you have any similar experiences with the Kindle? I am looking forward to your comments!

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3 Responses to The Kindle Disappointment

  1. Helen W says:

    How disappointing! After all of the marketing fuss about this product, you would think they would test it properly before the launch!

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