Review: The Christmas Cookie Club (Ann Pearlman)

The Christmas Cookie Club (Ann Pearlman)Amazon Summary: What would we do without one another? It was a statement, not a question. Each of us knew the answer for herself. Every year on the first Monday of December, Marnie and her twelve closest girlfriends gather with batches of beautifully wrapped homemade cookies. Everyone has to bring a dish and a bottle of wine and, as they eat, they take turns telling the story of the cookies they have baked. Stories that, somehow, are always emblematic of the year that has just passed. This year, the stories are especially important. Marnie’s oldest daughter has a risky pregnancy. Will she find out tonight how that story will end? Jeannie’s father is having an affair with her best friend. Who else knew about the betrayal? Rosie’s husband doesn’t want children, but can she live with his decision? Each woman, each friend has a story to tell. The Cookie Club is about the passion and hopefulness of a new romance, the betrayal and disillusionment some relationships bring, the joys and fears of motherhood, and above all, it’s a celebration of the friendships between women.

My Thoughts: The Christmas Cookie Club is a fantastic idea! It is really different from other books even from other Christmas books! Every chapter starts with a great recipe for Christmas cookies and every chapter talks about the story of one of the members of the Christmas Cookie Club. Actually, the book is more about the different stories the people have to tell and less about the cookies themselves but the cookies and the cookie party always connect the stories and are the red line through the book! This red line makes the book really special and well thought through.

What I also liked a lot is that It is great that Ann Pearlman explains the different main ingredients of Christmas Cookies while telling the stories of the characters and giving recipes! It keeps it interesting and gives the whole picture. It is also really informative and we can learn lots about the background of the different ingredients and why and how they are used for baking. I did not know that much about baking and the different ingredients used for it before and I am sure I would have never learned that much about them if it wasn‘t for in this book. I am wondering if Ann Pearlman tried out all recipes by herself in order to talk so much about the different cookies. It definitely made me want to try out all the recipes while I was reading.

I do not want to take away the details of the plot and the stories of the women but I can say that this book has a little bit of everything. It has a love story and a drama, it makes you cry and it makes you love, it talks about personal experiences as well as general information that have nothing to do with the characters. On top of that all these different parts are combined so well and fit so well together that the end result is highly recommendable for every woman to read before Christmas! I truly enjoyed The Christmas Cookie Club because it was different from what I‘ve read before, it entertained me and it put me in a great Christmas mood!

Rating: ★★★★

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