Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a while since I have posted the last time but that has a reason: The end of last year was kind of crazy. In the middle of December my parents came to visit me in London because of my graduation. Unfortunately, they got stock here because of the snow and the chaos on London’s airports. I had to entertain them for a whole week while working. It was exhausting because they do not speak or understand English and thus it was like being with little kids. During the day I was working and from there I went straight to my parent’s hotel to spend the evening with them. After that I was just too exhausted to do anything!

My own trip home for Christmas took me 17 hours with the train, ferry and a rental car. Everything took forever because of the snow and when I finally arrived at home in the middle of the night I just wanted to sleep! Over the Christmas days I was more in bed sleeping than awake. Christmas itself was pretty boring this year since we all did not manage to buy presents and the few presents I ordered online did not arrive until today because royal mail messed up completely due to the snow. I am really sorry for everyone who expected a present from me! I did not forget you! It will just take a bit longer than usual! I was also taking part in two Secret Santa book actions which I could not yet fulfill because I am still waiting for the presents to arrive so that I can forward them to my Secret Santas! I was so looking forward to making this really special and all this snow ruined everything!!!

Directly after Christmas I became sick with a terrible cold and spend most of my time at home in bed. At least I managed to meet some friends during this time. Shortly after New Year’s I finally felt a bit better and last Monday I managed to get home to London without any travel problems.

I just wanted to give you this quick update about my whereabouts and my lack of posts and reviews. At least I read 2 books over the Christmas holidays which I am going to review soon! There are also some Christmas books left that I’ve read for my Christmas Special and never reviewed. Thus, you can expect some more reviews soon!

To my Secret Santa: You will receive your presents as soon as royal mail manages to get them to me. I am sorry for this delay but there was nothing I could do about it. I was really happy about the presents I received from you and hope that you can forgive me that you are going to receive the presents this long after Christmas!

My new year resolution: Go back to continuous reviews and postings. 🙂

I wish you all a great year 2011!

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