E-Readers vs. Paper Books! – Don’t let independent bookstores die!

Since I started researching about e-readers and in the end buying an e-reader I came across the question, if real books will die out and the way we read will completely change. For me, as a book lover, this possibility scares me a bit. What would my home look like if there wouldn’t be any books anymore? How would I get a signed copy of a book from my most favourite authors with an e-reader?

Therefore, when I bought the Kindle a few weeks ago, I decided for myself not to give up real paper books. I established a rule for my reading behaviour: I am allowed reading e-books all the time I am away from home like on my way to work, when I’m traveling etc… But as soon as I am at home, I only read paper books.

Another thing, I am afraid of is that small, independent bookstores are going to die because of the big chains and e-readers. Therefore, I decided only to buy my paper books in independent bookstores from now on. Even if I have to pay more. But I want to have the real experience! I love going to these small and nice bookstores because the people working there have usually given their heart to their job. They know so much more about the books they are selling than many employees in big chain stores. And these small bookstores deserve to be valued and helped.

If you feel the same, help me and go to a small bookstore and see how great this experience is!

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2 Responses to E-Readers vs. Paper Books! – Don’t let independent bookstores die!

  1. Teresa says:

    I love my small independent bookstores. They are generally the only place I buy my books. I do make purchases from the big boys if someone has given me a gift card, but other than that I stay local.

  2. I’m glad that I am not the only one! I have to do a little bit of research in South West London to find my personal bookstore! 🙂 If anyone has a recommendation, just let me know!!!!

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