Review: The Wild Zone (Joy Fielding)

Summary: When brothers Will and Jeff and their friend, Tom, decide to make a bet on who can be the first to seduce the mysterious young woman drinking by herself at their favorite bar, The Wilde Zone, little do they realize what they are getting themselves into. Because pretty, dark-haired Suzy is hiding secrets from the outside world – secrets that have to do with the daily horror she experiences under the watchful eye of her abusive husband. And Suzy has a bet of her own to make. Another challenge is born, only this one proves to be lethal..

My Thoughts: Joy Fielding is another of my most favourite authors of all times! It is probably my MOST favourite author and the reason for that might be that her book Sea Jane Run was the first adult fiction that I read when I was 14. Before that I was only reading young adult fiction. I am glad that I chose a books by Joy Fielding to be my first one. The moment I started reading I knew that I would love the book. I enjoyed her style of writing, the way she writes in short chapters introducing lots of different characters right in the beginning and leaving it open to the reader to find out how they all belong together. Ever since I read this book I was always waiting for new books by her to be published.

The last one she published was The Wild Zone. I already pre-ordered it weeks earlier at amazon to get it delivered right on the day when it was published. Actually, I bought it in Germany because for some reason the english version was published earlier in Germany than in the UK… Perhaps this is because Joy Fielding is not as popular over here as she is in Germany or the US.

Coming back to The Wild Zone, I have to say that I could not stop reading this story! It is, as usual, really compelling and it made me think about women who might be in the same position as the main character. I hope that the book can help women in the same position to understand that they do not have to suffer any longer and that there is a way out of there no matter how scared they are.

While reading this book, I was extremely scared. Sometimes we just forget how some women are treated by their husbands and I really like the fact that Joy Fielding tries to create awareness for this serious problem.

The Wild Zone is not Joy Fielding’s best novel (it can’t be because this place is already been hold by Sea Jane Run), but it is completely different from the ones she’s written before and that is what I love about Joy Fielding. She always surprises me with a story I would have never expected! Of course, all her books are crime novels but the stories differ a lot! I cannot wait for her to publish a new book! I like the fact that I can always rely on the fact to get an interesting and compelling story that totally surprises me with its plot and most of the times also with its ending.

To read more about Joy Fielding and her books click here.

Rating: ★★★★

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