Kindle: Final Decision

I finally made a decision! After figuring out that I saved some money last month, I decided to treat myself and buy something nice. I know that I have always said that I never wanted to use an e-reader. All my friends can tell that I was a huge opponent of e-readers but we are allowed to change our opinion right? And I did not just changed my opinion. I was thinking about it for a long time now and researched and read a lot about every possibility I have and its benefits. I read many blog posts about e-readers in order to find out what other users are experiencing and to my surprise the reaction was rather positive even from book lovers like me.  It doesn’t mean that I am completely against paper books now. I am not going to substitute them with the reader. At home, I am still going to read hard copies. But with many trips scheduled for the rest of the year, it is great to save weight and to have an option of several books available at all times. It was always hard for me to decide which book to take on my journeys but this problem is hopefully solved now! 🙂

In the beginning, I was not sure if I want to have a Kindle, an iPad or a Sony Reader but in the end, Kindle was the cheapest one and Amazon definitely has the best prices for books and e-books. That ruled out the Sony Reader. After thinking about the iPad for a long time I decided against it even though I am a massive fan of apple products. I just cannot see the benefits of having an iPad. It is just a massive iPhone and since I already have that, I can do all the things on there and do not need an iPad just for reading books. It is just not necessary and the money I saved I can better spend on a trip or on new books! A great comparison of the different e-readers that I found online was the one by Michael Hyatt. Thanks to his detailed spread sheet, I was able to compare all features and benefits of all available e-readers easily!

I also allowed myself some luxury and ordered a speed delivery for tomorrow night so that I can take it with me directly on my trip this weekend! 🙂

I will keep you updated about my experiences…

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5 Responses to Kindle: Final Decision

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  2. RandomizeME says:

    Welcome to the Kindle family!

    Just a suggestion, even though you still don’t have your Kindle, I would suggest that you browse through Amazon’s catalog of time limited free books ( so you can download any free book you want now. Some of the books may no longer be free by the time your Kindle arrives.

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  4. Nice comparison chart in that link… although it doesn’t include the Kobo, which would have been interesting. That’s the one I eventually chose, because I don’t live in the U.S., and it seemed to have more books available than the Sony (plus, it was cheaper than the Sony).

    I’ll be interested to see what you think about your Kindle! I know a lot of people have one, but I haven’t seen many posts about the reading experience itself.

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