Waiting for Christmas

You can still take part!!!!

I know that it is only the end of October but soon it will be this time of the year when people start decorating their homes with little lights, fir green and candles. Everywhere it smells like cookies and mulled wine and children are excited about Christmas. All shops are decorated festive and you can go and enjoy the Christmas markets that appear everywhere. I do not like the dark season but Christmas makes it much nicer and warmer because of all the lights and the festive music, drinks and food. I am a total Christmas addicted person!!! 🙂

Therefore, I would like to devote the month of December to Christmas and only review Christmas books and perhaps one or another Christmas movies. But I would also like to invite you to send me your own reviews about either a Christmas book or a Christmas movie. It can also be a winter story which can then be posted between Christmas and New Year‘s eve. For becoming a guest reviewer on my blog it does not matter if you have your own blog or not.

What do you have to do to take part?

Just submit your reviews to my email address: mysecretbookshelf@gmail.com. I‘ll then let you know when your review is going to be posted on my blog. Every review sent to me before midnight on that day is going to be considered! It would be great if you could send me your ideas earlier so that I can plan the month.

If you are an author, or publisher, you can participate as well! You can get your book reviewed or have a guest post about your work! As long as it is Christmas related everything can be submitted!

I am really looking forward to a great and festive month and, hopefully, lots of guest reviewers. If you have any further ideas or wishes for this special, please just leave a comment or email me!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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6 Responses to Waiting for Christmas

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  2. What a great idea! I’m sure I’ll have at least one Christmas book lined up to read!

  3. Gerat! Just let me know what you want to review as soon as you know if you want to be a guest reviewer! Really looking forward to that special and I am in total Christmas mood now! 🙂

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  5. Ipad Home says:

    It’s Nice Post, keep posting and have a nice day…I will see you again 10:03

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