Lately, I am thinking a lot about e-readers! I was always against them because I thought that they might cause the disappearance of real paper books. After reading more about this topic and trying it out by myself with my iPhone, I can honestly say that I still prefer paper books but in certain situations it is nice to have an e-reader in addition:

When I’m traveling or on my way to work etc it is quite handy. I don’t want to carry around a heavy book all the time. You also need to have a bookmark which can get lost especially when you suddenly have to move. (That happens quite often to me since I am always deep into the stories of my books until I realise that I almost missed the station where I had to get off the train).

An e-reader also gives you the possibility to carry around different books at once in case you want to choose. I normally read more than one book at the same time depending on which mood I am currently in. But when I’m out, I normally just take one book with me because of the weight. The e-reader can change that.

At home, on the other hand, I would never use an e-reader. I still love paper books! I love to smell and feel them and there is nothing better than cuddling up in bed with a good “real” book. Moreover, I am quite proud about the books I’ve read and like to have them in a shelf. It makes me feel good to be surrounded by books and that is also the reason why I usually don’t borrow books but buy them for myself.

Another disadvantage I figured out is that I don’t enjoy reading on a screen all the time. It is ok for a while but doing that all the time is quite annoying. Perhaps it is just my iphone and I should try it with a real e-reader but looking at paper feels so much better than constantly looking onto a screen.

Overall, I think my final opinion about this is that I would never give up real books but I figured out that having my real books in an electronic version on an e-reader is a nice addition and makes traveling and going to work a bit lighter. 🙂 At the moment, I do not have the money to buy one but in a few months time I might be ready to buy one…

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2 Responses to E-Readers

  1. Definitely try an e-ink screen eReader before making up your mind totally. I found the experience of using my smart phone or computer screen entirely different from using a dedicated eReader which has a screen that is much more like reading paper (no back lighting etc). I borrowed an eReader from a friend and read a whole book on it before deciding to leap into the fray.

    Of course you may decide you still prefer traditional books, I’m sure many people will do so. I still have a bunch of physical books that I haven’t read but I am looking forward to the day when I don’t have to house them and pack them and move them and all of that. I have discovered that for me reading is entirely about the content between the covers and the discussion I have with other readers about that content rather than the object itself and I am not at all worried about reaching a point at which I will not own a single physical book, though for now (while it is so hard to get titles I want) that is a way off.

  2. Thanks for your reply! That is definitely helpful and it is a good idea to borrow one first before spending so much money on it. I just have to find a friend who has actually already bought one. I think there was a person in my book club meeting last week who had one. I saw an ereader lying on the table. Perhaps she lets me read for a bit next time we meet…

    If any of my friends are reading this and actually have an ereader, please let me know if I can test it!

    I guess, I will alwazs have real books because it is the whole experience that comes together! From buying the book in the bookstore, over reading it and then having it on the shelf enjoyig the nice covers. Of course, moving is pretty annoying with lots of books and my friends helping me moving are always complaining but I decided that, for now, I store my books at my parents house. Every now and then I am sending my finished ones back to them and when I am finally going to decide where I am going to live constantly, I’ll move them there. 🙂

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