Last Night at Chateau Marmont (Lauren Weisberger)

Goodreads Summary: Brooke and Julian live a happy life in New York – she’s the breadwinner working two jobs and he’s the struggling musician husband. Then Julian is discovered by a Sony exec and becomes an overnight success – and their life changes for ever. Soon they are moving in exclusive circles, dining at the glitziest restaurants, attending the most outrageous parties in town and jetting off to the trendiest hotspots in LA. But Julian’s new-found fame means that Brooke must face the savage attentions of the ruthless paparazzi. And when a scandalous picture hits the front pages, Brooke’s world is turned upside down. Can her marriage survive the events of that fateful night at Chateau Marmont? It’s time for Brooke to decide if she’s going to sink or swim…

My Thoughts: Last Night at Chateau Marmont is the fourth book by Lauren Weisberger and I read all her other ones before. I really enjoyed The Devil wears Prada and Everyone worth knowing. Those two were funny and real page turners. That is why I was so disappointed by her last novel Chasing Harry Winston. It was not at all like her previous novels and it was just boring. Therefore, I wasn’t sure if I should read the new book or not but then I thought “Well, I should give her a second chance” and now I can say that it was totally worth it. Last Night at Chateau Marmont is exactly what I would have expected from Lauren after her two first novels: Well written, interesting plot and totally addictive! It is really interesting because it is about love and problems we all come across in our relationships almost every day. Even though this story is about a person who becomes a superstar, there are many similarities between the relationship of Brooke and Julian and other relationships.

In my opinion, this story is less about the fact that Julian becomes a superstar and that Brooke and him have to face all these problems in their marriage. It is more about two people trying to live their dreams! Both of them want to reach their personal goals and over this, they forget about the dreams and the feelings of their partner. The story shows how dangerous it can be for a marriage or a relationship in general, if one partner tries to live a dream without taking care of the other person. This can happen to all of us! We all always try to achieve our dreams. But this novel made me think about it seriously: Is it worth giving up a relationship just because of a dream? We always have to ask ourselves what is more important in our life: Our personal dreams or being with the people we love. Of course it is great to live your dream but is it worth doing so when you cannot share it with anyone because you lost the people you loved? All personal success only makes you happy because of other people being happy with you and proud about what you’ve achieved. If these people are missing, it is hard to be completely happy about the success. This book showed me once more how important friends and family are. Even if everything in your life goes wrong, they are still there and will never let you down. This does not hold true for temporary success in living your dream.

Another reason why I really liked the book is that it offers another perspective on celebrity stories. It shows that not everything that is said about a celebrity holds true and also, the story reveals how difficult it is for celebrities to maintain their privacy. This books shows a complete different side of the whole showbiz and glamour surrounding celebrities and points out that it is not totally great! It is hard work and being in the spotlight all the time is not an easy job to master.

I really loved Last Night at Chateau Marmont and it is totally worth reading it if you haven’t done so far. It is much better than her last one! I hope that Lauren Weisberger will produce more of such great stories…

If you want to find out more about Lauren Weisberger and her other novels, check out her website.

Rating: ★★★★

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