My weekly reading dose (#2)

Another week has passed and another one is about to start today. So it’s time for my weekly reading dose summary:

Last week I finished:

Right now I am reading:

  • Last Night at Chateau Marmont (Lauren Weisberger) p. 170/422
  • Misery (Stephen King) p. 103/369
  • Tales of the City (Arnistead Maupin) p.54/269

Books I bought and still have to read:

  • Prep (Curtis Sittenfeld)
    I read the review on “The Bookette” Blog and was directly really interested! I also love the cover! 🙂
  • Once upon a time in England (Helen Walsh)
    This one is for my book club meetup next month and I hope that I’ll make it this time and finish it before the actual meeting takes place!

Books I want to start reading soon

  • The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)

The upcoming week is going to be really interesting! I am planning to finish at least the Lauren Weisberger book! I also have my first book club meeting. I joined the book club last week since I am new in town and wanted to get to know new people with the same interests! For this week we were supposed to read “The Tales of The City” by Arnistead Maupin but since I heard of the meeting with very short notice, I won’t be able to finish it before the actual meeting. But according to the meeting organiser that is not a problem at all and she invited me to come anyway! I am really looking forward to meet all these other Book Worms!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to My weekly reading dose (#2)

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve just finished reading Prep by Sittenfeld and loved it! We will have to compare opinions when you finish it!
    1000 books

  2. Hey Michelle,

    yeah, we definitely have to exchange our opinions about it. I received the book yesterday and I am definitely going to start it this weekend! The pile of books on my nightstand is groing so quickly… I should go out less during the week and read more instead… 🙂

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