Stephen King Novels

Why do I always start reading Stephen King novels? Directly after starting to read them I regret it because the story is so fascinating that I cannot stop but on the other hand the stories are normally pretty disgusting so that I feel directly sick in my stomach…

Why do all these stories have to be sooo disgusting? Right now I am reading Misery and I haven’t read more than 36 pages yet but it is already crazy! It is about this women, Annie, who is a massive fan of the author Paul. When he had an accident she finds him and brings him home to cure him! Then she finds out what he has done to her most favorite character in his series of books. Now she starts to torture him…. and that is not really nice!

I assume that it will get worse throughout the book since I am still at the beginning. This assumption was confirmed by a friend who has already seen the movie…

Just in case I have a back-up book next to my bed in case I cannot go on reading Misery and need a break! My back-up is Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir (who can pronounce this last name by the way???)

Lets see how this will go on…

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3 Responses to Stephen King Novels

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  3. Wednesday says:

    I love Stephen King books, but that’s probably because I can look at gore and laugh. If your stomach gets sick at that part, I definitely don’t suggest you go on reading Misery, because it definitely gets much worse! However, you have to admit that he is a great author and can tell an enrapturing story. 🙂

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