Just Take My Heart (Mary Higgins Clark)

Just Take My Heart is a mystery thriller written by Mary Higgins Clark, who is one of my most favourite authors. All the time I am reading a novel written by her she is able to surprise me in the end. There is always something I did not expect throughout the whole story.

This story actually consists of two independent stories that seem to have almost nothing to do with each other until the very end of the book. It is about an assistant prosecutor, Emily, who is trying to elucidate the murder of a famous actress. The main suspect is the husband of the actress and Emily tries to proof his guilt in front of a jury in court. Nevertheless, over time she realizes that the husband did not kill his wife and through her investigations on that she reveals much more than intended…

On the other hand a serial killer, who lives next door to Emily wants to kill her and tries to get involved into her life. Both stories are deepened throughout the whole novel and make the reader think if there will ever be a connection between the both stories except of the obvious one that they both involve Emily. This connection is revealed by Mary Higgins Clarks in the, as usual, very exciting and thrilling showdown of the novel.

Comparing Just Take My Heart directly to the other novel by Mary Higgins Clark I just read last week (I heard that song before), the plots seem to be a bit similar. In both cases a person is indicted for murder and in the beginning everything seems to be against the defendant but after a while new background information is revealed by the investigators. There are even much deeper similarities between the two novels. For example, in both stories, the defendant at some point considers himself that he could be guilty.

Compared to all the other novels of Mary Higgins Clark I have already read, this one is probably not her best one but it is definitely worth reading it.

Find out more about this great crime author here

Rating: ★★★☆

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