I Heard that Song Before (Mary Higgins Clark)

I Heard that Song Before is again another recommendable book written by Mary Higgins Clark. It is about the Carrington Family – one of the US’s richest families. There are three murder cases and all characters try to figure out who the murderer is. In the beginning everything seems to point to Peter Carrington who was in a relationship with two of the victims. But is this notorious sleepwalker really capable to murder three people. And if yes, did he do it conscious or during one of his sleepwalks?

All these questions will be answered in the end but not before the almost last chapter! Mary Higgins Clark has a talent to introduce lots of different characters in a relatively short time in the beginning. Even though this makes it a little difficult and confusing to get into the story, the reader quickly gets to know all these different characters. Like all her other books, this one is written in relatively short chapters switching to different perspectives of different people. Every chapter provides a small bit to the overall story. In the last chapters suspense curve reaches its peak and explains the whole story to the reader. I always think “I should have seen this coming”. Most of the time I am relatively sure that I figured out the murder only to be surprised in the end that it was someone completely different and someone I would have never expected it to be!

If you like fascinating and exciting thrillers, then I Heard that Song Before is your book! Especially the topic of sleep walking is presented in a really interesting way. I never thought of sleep walking to be something really dangerous except of for the sleepwalker. You can see that Mary Higgins Clark researched a lot about the topic which makes the novel even more interesting to read!

Learn more about Mary Higgins Clark here.

Rating:  ★★★★

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