Mörderische Tage (Andreas Franz)

Mörderische Tage is a crime novel published in 2009 and written by Andreas Franz who is a very famous crime author in Germany. I already read several novels of him but this one was one of the most fascinating ones! It is unbelievable to read what people are capable of doing to other people!

The novel is about a murderer who kidnaps mostly women and brings them to his personal prison in which these people are exposed to his so called “white torture”. This means that he imprisons his victims in separate cells that are 25 meters below the earth. They cannot hear anything from the outside world and not even the other victims in the cells directly next to their own. Then he tortures them with really loud music, complete silence, extremely bright light or complete darkness. They are imprisoned completely naked and just get bread and water to eat and drink. After a while all of them go crazy and are not able to think clearly because they loose complete track of time.

Julia Durant is the main character of the book and she is the head of the investigation team who is trying to find the murderer. For her it is the hardest case of her whole career because she becomes one of the victims as well.

This novel is a real page turner!!! I read it in 4 days and just couldn’t stop! Andreas Franz knows really well how to set the reader on the wrong track over and over again. Almost until the very end the reader doesn’t know who the murderer is even though some chapters are written from the perspective of the murderer which I really liked because it shows the reader both perspectives of the story.

Unfortunately, the books of Andreas Franz are not translated into English. This is a pitty because I can assume that he would become a bestselling author in foreign countries as well! But if you know the German language and love crime novels, this is definitely a story to read! Especially if you’ve read more than one novel of Andreas Franz because Julia Durant and her investigation team are most of the time the main characters so you get familiar with the persons and their personal life and issues.

Well done Andreas Franz! That was exactly what I was expecting when I bought Mörderische Tage!!!

All books of Andreas Franz can be found on his website: http://www.andreas-franz.org/

Rating: ★★★★

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